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Claim Credits

Claim Credits

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How it works

For example, if you buy 5 credit claims, the next 5 pawns you forget to claim for any reason, will be claimed automatically on your behalf and appear normally in your claims.

The credits are only used if you forget to claim a pawn, which means that as long as you claim the pawns manually, those credits remain as backup and are never lost until you forget to claim a pawn.

Do the credits expire?

No. You have them until they are used up.

Can I choose when the credits are used?

From the day you purchase the credit claims, they are immediately active and will be used mandatorily as soon as you forget to claim a pawn.

For example, if you buy 10 credit claims and then you don’t manually claim any of the next 10 pawns, they will be automatically claimed by your credit claims.

You can’t choose not to use the claims if you miss a pawn.

Where can I see my credit claims?

A few hours after you purchase you will be able to view your remaining credit claims in your account, on the "Check Claims" section/page.

The number of your credits will be updated daily and you will know how many you have left at any given moment.

Do purchased credits stack?

Yes, you can buy as many credit claim packs as you want and they will add up to the total number.

E.g. If you buy two "10 Pack" credits, you will have 20 credits.

Do credit claims include the knights?

Credit claims are for the regular daily pawns. Knight pieces are awarded in a different way and thus are NOT claimable by credit claims.

What happens to my already purchased claims if the feature is removed?

If for whatever reason we realize that this feature harms the project or ruins the excitement, we might remove it or even increase the price, to guarantee the value of the claims.

No matter what happens, all credit claims already purchased will NOT be removed and you will still have them until they are used up (provided that they were purchased while they were available).