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344 | Estranged

344 | Estranged

Claims : 3960

Dimensions : 30x30 cm (Canvas wrapped around wooden frame)

Printed Signature and details on bottom right corner, as shown in preview.

Shipping : 2-3 weeks

*Colors may differ slightly from what you see on the screen.

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Should I buy a canvas?

Canvas prints are physical collectible bits of art! They are the extension of your claim.

As the project grows, pieces will be progressively claimed by more people, and therefore, the earlier the canvas you buy, the more value it will carry.

And since each canvas print can only be bought once per claimant, this guarantees that there can never be more physical prints than claims.

Can I buy multiple canvas prints of the same Pawn?

You can only buy one canvas print of each pawn you have claimed.

This is because there can never be more physical canvas prints in the world than there are claims for a specific design.

This means that once you buy a canvas of a certain pawn, your claim converts into a purchase and you can’t buy the same print again.

Why does the price increase at the end of the month?

The price is increased to preserve the value of the canvas prints throughout time.

Is the resolution of the prints better than the images/previews on the website?

Yes, the resolution of the images that gets printed is 25 times better than the ones above.