The Pioneli Art Experiment

Starting Jan 1st 2023, every 24 hours you can reserve a new Pawn canvas design, for free. When the daily timer resets, no one can reserve that design ever again. This will repeat for 36,525 days until Jan 1st, 2123.

Today is the day 449 / 36,525 of the project. Each new print is more reserved than the previous one.

Reserving the daily Pawn, grants you the lifetime right to buy one canvas print of that design, if you ever choose to.

Pawn canvas prints

Some random past designs.

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For the next 100 years, the project will spread through the internet. Since reserving is free, this will lead to even more people joining to reserve the earliest print they can, resulting in a never ending growth curve. The earlier a print is released, the rarer it is, as it is reserved by less people. Some people even purchased prints from others who discovered the project earlier!

Day : 505 / 36,525

Claiming Period Ends :

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Reserving is free. After reserving the print, it will appear in your dashboard.

18 people joined in the last 30 minutes