On this page you will find detailed information regarding the canvas editions of different designs, as well as how things work.

Except of the purchasing mechanism of the canvas prints, you can find details about authentication processes, ownership verification and even a new website that acts as a Marketplace for the canvases.

Disclaimer : It's a long read.


Designs are printed on standard canvas material (cloth-like) which is then wrapped around a wooden supporting frame.

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General Info

You can only buy one canvas of each pawn you have claimed. This is because there can never be more physical canvases in the world than there are claims for a specific design.

This means that once you buy a canvas print of a certain pawn, you can’t buy the same print again.

Each canvas print, carries on the bottom right corner, printed the Pioneli signature as well as some details about the depicted design if applicable (e.g. number of total claims).

Regular Pawn Canvases

Dimensions : 30x30cm

This particular size was selected after a discussion with a lot of participants of the project. Since most people want to purchase multiple canvas prints, the size needs to be small enough to be easily stored/showcased at numbers, and also to be affordable.

Pricing and availability : The price is set at €40 (excluding shipping).

However, at the end of the calendar month, the price for all canvas prints of Pawns released anytime within that month, is increased from €30 to €100. This is done to preserve the value of prints throughout time. Therefore, if you want to buy a canvas print of a Regular Pawn, it is best to do it within the month it was released.

Additionally, if you order a Regular Pawn print within the month it was released, there is a chance to get the Alpha Pawn of that design (Read the “Alpha Prints” section lower on this page).

Rook Canvases

Dimensions: 60x60 cm

Pricing: The price for Rook canvas prints is set at €100 (excluding shipping).

Availability: Only 12 Rook designs will be released per year, and each Rook canvas print will only be available to buy for five days (Read more on the “Rook Prints” section lower on this page).

Knight Canvases

Dimensions: 60x60cm

Pricing and availability: The price for Knight canvas prints is set at €90 (excluding shipping).

Unlike Regular Pawn prints, Knight canvas prices never change.

Honorary Canvases

Dimensions: Dimensions for Honorary canvas prints will vary

Pricing: Will vary

Availability: Honorary prints need to be unlocked before they can be purchased (Read more on the “Honorary Prints” section lower on this page).


Rooks are Special designs released once a month.

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Rooks are released once a month, at the end of the month. This means there are 12 Rook designs per year.

Rooks will never appear as a claim in your "Claimed Pawns". The only way to own one is buying the canvas print from the Rooks page.

Additionally, Rooks will only be available for a brief period of five days. After that period ends, the Rook can never be bought again. Even if you met the requirements of buying one, if you don't buy it within that 5 day period it is gone forever.

Each Rook design has its own Alpha equivalent print (read "Alpha Prints" section below).

Alpha Prints

Alpha Prints are exclusive, unique versions of regular Pawns and Rook designs.

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Alpha prints are special canvas prints of Regular Pawn and Rook designs. They are unique prints (for every Pawn/Rook design, a maximum of one Alpha print can ever exist, no matter how many people have claimed or purchased that design).

Every time a Pawn print is purchased, there is a 1/100 chance for that person to receive the Alpha canvas print of that design. This means there is a chance that some designs won't have an Alpha print created.

For the Rook designs, same principle is applied (1/100 chance of getting an Alpha when a Rook print is purchased)

Alpha prints differ from the regular designs in terms of coloration. The colors of the Alpha print differ substantially from the regular design, and the background is also distinct.

Only Regular Pawns and Rooks can have Alpha prints. Knights and Honorary prints will not have Alpha prints created.


Randomly released Pieces, unlock by participating in events.

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Knight pieces are much more exclusive than regular pawns, are released randomly every few days/weeks and have a claim cap.

They are awarded to people who participate in simple activities set by Pioneli, and can be viewed on the dedicated Knight page.

Designs for Knights are only revealed after their claim cap has been reached.

Honorary Prints

Unlock exclusive and unique pieces by claiming/purchasing specific Pawns or a certain number of Pawns.

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This category of canvases is oriented towards the more dedicated Pionelians.

Honorary Canvas Prints can be unlocked for each individual participant if they claim a specific number of Pawns, or purchase a specific number of prints, or even when claiming specific individual designs.

For more information on how these can be attained, visit the Honorary Prints page.


Information about the process of verifying the authenticty of a physical Pioneli canvas print.

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The way in which physical Pioneli prints are authenticated is very similar to the one used by Banksy’s own team.

In essence, we have a complete offline database of every person that owns a Pioneli physical print.

Each time you buy a physical canvas print from the website, you are automatically registered as the owner of that piece, and the ownership is assigned to you on the database.

If, for any reason, someone challenges your print as “non original”, they can confirm that you have the original by submitting an authentication request on the authentication page, where we assess the request and we assure the person that your print is authentic.

Transfer ownership of a physical print

How you can transfer the ownership of a physical Pioneli print you own to someone else.

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As mentioned in the “Authentication” section, in order for a print to be authenticated as yours, you must be registered in the database as the owner. This happens automatically when you buy the physical print from the website.

However, if you want to give your canvas print to a new owner (e.g. if you want to give the print as a gift), then you need to also transfer the ownership of the print to the new owner on the database. If you don’t do that, then the new owner will not be able to verify themselves as the legitimate owner of the print and therefore, the print can not be claimed as authentic.

You can transfer the ownership of the print on the Transfer page.


A Marketplace where you can buy physical canvas prints from others.

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The Marketplace is a secondary website that acts as a mediator for any people that might want to buy a Pioneli canvas print from other print owners. For example, you might have missed the window of buying a Rook print and might want to acquire it from someone who bought it, or you might want to buy the Alpha print of a certain design, or an earlier Pawn print you missed.

The Marketplace essentially ensures that every piece being sold is authentic, and more importantly, that the new owner gets transferred the ownership of the print on the offline database.

*You can only sell physical canvas prints. You can’t sell your claim(s).