The Pioneli Art Experiment

My name is Pioneli and I am an artist.

Every day a new Pawn artwork is created. Only those who have claimed the piece have the option of buying it as a collectible canvas edition.

Why participate?

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The experiment, first of its kind, is set to last forever. By the end of the decade, thousands of Pawn designs will be released, and you can claim each one!

Special prints

By claiming daily Pawns, you can unlock more exclusive prints.

  • Rooks

    Released once a month, available for 5 days. Unlock by claiming Pawns.

  • Honorary Prints

    Randomly released prints, unlock by claiming/purchasing Regular prints.

  • Knights

    Randomly released Pieces, unlock by participating in events.

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Secondary Market

If you like a specific canvas print which you don't have, you can make a bid on the Marketplace to get it from someone who has.


How can I view the pieces I have claimed?

Once you are a member, you can view all of your claimed pieces at your dashboard.

Any Pawn design you have claimed, you have access to buy.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. Shipping rates are automatically calculated at checkout. Multiple item orders receive shipping discount.

Delivery takes two to three weeks (max) or usually less, from the time of purchase.

The courier depends on the country of destination.

What is the material that prints are made of?

The Pawns are printed on standard canvas material (cloth-like material) which is then wrapped around a 30x30cm wooden supporting frame.

The Special prints are bigger.

When will the project end?

The intention is to keep the experiment going forever, starting on January 1st, 2023.

If you have discovered the project before the 1000th piece, you can consider yourself extremely early. This project is projected to last a lifetime.

Feel free to ask anything!