The Pioneli Art Experiment

My name is Pioneli and I am an artist.

Every day a new Pawn artwork is created. Only those who have claimed the piece have the option of buying it as a collectible canvas edition.

At the end of the calendar month, the price for all Pawn canvases of that month is increased from €40 to €100.

Why claim every day?

Claiming a Piece before it's revealed gives you the option to buy it as a canvas print.

Even if you don't plan on buying a Regular Pawn canvas, by claiming the daily Pawns, you unlock the more exclusive canvas prints (Special Pieces).

  • Rooks

    Released once a month, available for 5 days. Unlock by claiming Pawns.

  • Honorary Prints

    Randomly released prints, unlock by claiming/purchasing Regular prints.

  • Knights

    Randomly released Pieces, unlock by participating in events.

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Secondary Market

Naturally, if you like a specific rare canvas print which you don't have, you can make a bid on the Marketplace to get it from someone who has.

What is the goal of the experiment?

This experiment will go on forever. It might take years, but the goal is to grow as the world's most famous art project.